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Next Generation Medicine

Next Generation Medicine--the podcast tailor made to empower the next generation of doctors with principles of liberty. By listening, you will have a deeper understanding of why the patient-doctor relationship is central to a better healthcare system and how competitive markets unleash the creativity needed to achieve affordable, quality healthcare. This show is produced and copyrighted by the Benjamin Rush Institute, a 501c3 non-profit organization. To support this show and other projects, you can donate at

Jun 24, 2018

Sally Pipes, founder of Pacific Research Institute and BRI, examines the realities of government medicine and recommends ways to end it before it becomes entrenched in the US.

Jun 1, 2018

While a PA student, Will Craghead researched student attitudes towards Direct Primary Care. In spite of institutional obstacles, he was able to gather some eye-opening information. (Be sure to check out the article included in the bonus material, "Direct Primary Care: Improving Medical Student Interest in Primary...